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Imad Slim

Imad earned his diploma in Dental Laboratory Technology in 1989.  He pursued the dream of every Dental Technologist: to have his own dental laboratory. He started fulfilling it in 1993 by opening his first lab.  With the aim of improving in the dental industry, he became a Registered Dental Technologist in Ontario in 2005.

Through his 25 years of practicing dental technology, Imad attended series of porcelain courses covering different methods and techniques to enhance his skills as a senior ceramist.  The training that he acquired, built the trust to be consulted for challenging anterior restorations demanding the art of custom shading. To keep up-to-date with the standards of dental technology, Imad invested extra effort and time to be highly skilled in implant supported overdentures.  His knowledge and skills are highly appreciated by dentists who feel comfortable that Imad provides them chair side assistance for their overdentures patients.

Zsolt Marton

Since early childhood, Zsolt was familiar with procedures in dental laboratory where he helped his father who was a dental technician.   He earned his diploma in dental technology in Hungary in 1987.  He also practiced his profession in Austria and in the late 80s he resided in Ottawa where he also worked with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable dental professionals.

Zsolt attended many implant courses and because of his intensive experience covering almost all different types of implants, dentists appreciates his knowledge and advices.  With around 27 years of blended European and North American experience, Zsolt is considered a highly trained and experienced implant technician.  In addition, he attended in 2005 an intensive course in Cad-Cam technology at the 3M facility in Minnesota.